This page is dedicated to mODBC - a set of Delphi/C++Builder components. - Using mODBC you can communicate to databases using Delphi and C++Builder without using the BDE.
Information about mODBC
mODBC today contains five components that let you "talk" to databases through ODBC without using the BDE - If you want to know more about the pros and cons of the BDE, I suggest a look at BAG , a site dedicated to this.

The five components you'll see if you install the mODBC are:

TmDatabase This is the component that connects you to a database
it is even possible to connect to a database without having to set up an ODBC alias - which some people using mODBC for CGI-applications find useful !
TmQuery This is pretty much equivalent to the TQuery in the BDE
TmTable This is a subset of the TmQuery that mimics the behaviour of the TTable in the BDE
TmStoredProc This is equivalent to the TStoredProc in BDE - It does not handle Stored Procedures returning recordsets
TmSession This is equivalent to the TSession in BDE

Thru time a lot of effort has been spent on wizzards that help you set up your connections, queries properly - I dare to say that mODBC is easier and quicker to use than the BDE, once you get to know it!

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